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Back in 2010 I found myself in a well curated house-wares store in Milford, PA. Thirty minutes after being in the store, while revering different product lines, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Product design was my true calling. It was to the point I felt ashamed that I didn't realize it before, as I have always been a "tinkerer" and I feel unexplainable joy when someone appreciates the interaction between themselves and something I create. I can only hope that my contributions to design can change other's lives like the epiphany to become an industrial designer changed mine.

-Daniel Woods


Design Process

We pride ourselves in our highly developed design process.  Through years of trial and error we have fabricated a well thought out design theory that is effective for us as creatives and provides the most desirable outcome for our clients.  


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About Me

As a designer and self-proclaimed tech-nerd, I am very enthusiastic about well conceptualized and aesthetically pleasing consumer products. I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia and feel my education, my can-do approach and focused attention to detail, especially that of consumer electronics, gives me a leading edge against my competitors. 

Many of my projects have included working as part of a team to create innovative solutions to design problems on a deadline. I’ve covered the elements of branding and design from concept to completion.  During projects I conduct research and competitive benchmarking, color studies, ergonomics of the product, execute ideation through sketches, foam and rendered models using applications like Rhino, Solidworks and Keyshot.  Although I understand that a design process is an ongoing development, I feel as if I have improved my approach and my methodologies are at a constant evolution.  I have pushed myself to become an expert of solving problems through specific applications with the combination of technology.  

I would love to have the opportunity to discuss project ideas with any level client.  Please don't hesitate to shoot me an email, no matter how big or small the job!  We're only one click away from doing awesome things.